What FAMI means to Me ~ Video Clips

Background and content

FAMI turns 20 this year and as a commemorative project we are soliciting 30-second (or so) video clips on what FAMI means and/or has meant to you. We’ll post links to a selection of submitted videos on the website.  If selected, videos will be stored on a private Youtube channel (i.e. not included in the Youtube search index, but viewable if you’ve got the URL).

In a nutshell, we’re looking for reasons that you love FAMI, and/or how it has changed you.  Some possible topics include:

  • Great moments at camp
  • New friends
  • Expansion of musical horizons: instruments learned, increased proficiency, songwriting, performing
  • Anything else that seems pertinent – use your imagination

How to submit your video

  • Record your video by whatever means you wish.
  • The video will probably be too large to send by email, so here are a couple of options:
  • Send the file to murrayf@fami.ca using WeTransfer. It’s slow but free, and worked fine during our test.  Please include your name and a few lines of description for the Youtube post in the “Message” section of the WeTransfer dialog box, or send a separate email with that information to murrayf@fami.ca.
  • If you’ve got Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive and know how to share a folder, place your file in the folder and share it with murrayf@fami.ca. Send me an email to let me know that you’ve done this. Please include your name in the body of your email and a few lines of description for the Youtube post. Bear in mind that I will copy your video elsewhere, then delete it from Dropbox / Google Drive / OneDrive, so make sure you’ve got a copy elsewhere on your computer.
  • Don’t submit anything that you feel should be kept “private” (for FAMI members only). We’ll try to keep things “private”, but there is no guarantee that your video won’t (somehow) get out to the wider internet.