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Online Registration Process

Online Registration Process

The new Online Registration System has undergone rigorous testing and a few quirks were discovered with the system. 


Tricky Areas

Multi Person Registration:

You may purchase up to 4 registrations per order – you will register each applicant separately and then you will be directed to the payment section. Some testers missed the message to add another registrant so we posted some instructions and screen shots here.

Editing Entered Data:

All information required is presented on one page. If you make a mistake DO NOT USE THE BROWSER BACK ARROW but simply scroll up to make the changes. If you have already SAVED REGISTRANT and are on the Billing page you can still edit by scrolling up and clicking on the pencil icon.  Once you have paid and you reach the Confirmation page you cannot go back and edit your registration information.

Automatic Waitlist Quirk:

There is one quirk to the system.  If you start the registration process before the waitlist feature is activated but are not finished when the waitlist feature is triggered your registration will hang up in the billing section.  Your only option at this stage is to start the process again and you will be placed on the waitlist.  This occurs because the database information is not updated until the billing cycle is completed.

If this happens to you please put a note in the Final Comments box on the registration form so we can track how many people were affected.