Online Registration Information

Please read the information below in its entirety to ensure that you are successful using the online system. Also please carefully read the Camp’s main page before registrations open.

General Information
  • All registrations must be made online through our new process. There will be NO paper mail-in registration forms.
  • Registrations for the May Instructional Camp will open the first Saturday in April at 9:00 am MDT.
  • Registrations for August Instructional Camp will open the first Saturday in May at 9:00 am MDT.
  • Registrations for Fall Jam Camp will open the second Saturday in August at 9:00 am MDT.
  • We will be using Brown Paper Tickets (BPT) for our online registration and PayPal for payment process.
    • You do NOT need to create a BPT or PayPal account to purchase FAMI registrations.
    • BPT does not have a specific mobile interface for tablets and smartphones. If using such a device you will be presented with a link to the standard BPT site. Registrations can be successfully purchased using mobile devices but the interface is not as user-friendly.
  • An online BPT processing fee (which is clearly listed with the registration price) will be added to each registration.
  • Payment can be made using your PayPal account or by Visa, Mastercard or American Express.
  • Gluten-free meals. Due to the rising cost of providing these meals, FAMI will be instituting a surcharge for those requiring gluten-free meals this year.
  • The online system allows you to purchase up to 4 registrations per order.
  • Registrations are non-transferable. Please read the cancellation policy on our website.
  • Wait List:  Once the limit of available online registrations has been sold, you will automatically be able to register yourself for the Wait List by “purchasing” a Wait List type of registration. Please provide all the requested information. There is no charge for being added to the Wait List.
    • Due to the nature of our registration process for our weekend camps which takes camp and class limitations into consideration, we are confident some people will be selected from the initial Wait List, so please put yourself on the Wait List.
    • Those that are selected from the Wait List will be contacted by the Registrar and provided with instructions for officially registering and making payment.
  • Due to our class and accommodation limits, once you have purchased your registrations, each registration must still be formally accepted and confirmed by FAMI.
    • If we are unable to honor your registration due to space limits, etc, you will be informed and receive a full refund (including any online fees).
The Process
  • A button on the FAMI website event page will send you to the BPT website and the related event. This will be the only way to access the event. You cannot find the event directly by searching BPT.  Sales will not be active until the appointed time.
  • You will be advanced through 7 main BPT and PayPal screens during the registration process.
    • Registration Options screen: Where you select the number and type of registrations you want to add to your cart: Standard, Gluten-Free or Bursary registration. Gluten-Free and Bursary registration options may only be available for some events. You may purchase up to 4 registrations per order. You may also optionally give a donation (minimum $20.00, with tax receipts issued at the end of the year) to the FAMI Bursary fund. Click ‘Add to Cart’ to advance to the next screen.
    • Your Cart screen: Will list the registrations you have in your cart. From here you can initiate your check out by clicking the ‘Check Out Now’ button.
    • Your Cart / Questionnaire screen: Once you initiate the check out, you will fill in the Questionnaire with information (such as name, email, class choices, requests, etc) for each registration you are purchasing. Pay special attention to the required fields as you will not be able to advance to the payment step until all required fields are filled in.  Once all information is entered click the ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the page to proceed.
      • You must provide a valid email address for each registrant as this will be the prime communication method with FAMI.
      • The Class First and Second choice questions are required so you must make a selection for both. If there is only one class you’d like to take, choose the same class for both questions. The Registrar will contact you if we are unable to place you into your only class of choice.
      • If you make a donation along with your registration, you only need to fill in the First and Last Name fields for the Donation section of the questionnaire.
    • Your Cart / Attendee Details screen: The contents of your cart will be shown. You must agree to the terms and acknowledge the minimum age requirement and click the ‘Pay with PayPal’ button.
    • PayPal Choose a way to pay screen: You will be taken to PayPal where you can choose to login to your PayPal account or Pay with a credit or debit card. Fill in the appropriate fields and click ‘Login’ or ‘Review and Continue’.
    • PayPal Review your information screen: Review the purchase details and click ‘Pay’.
    • Order Confirmation screen: You will be taken back to BPT. The final screen shows the details of your completed order. You do not need to change names for attendees here.
  • Note: Class descriptions and the list of volunteer job codes and related descriptions can be found on the FAMI website for the related event.
Items You Should Be Aware Of

BPT is typically used for event or concert ticket sales. FAMI has worked with BPT to use the standard system features for our more complex registration process.

It is suggested that you review the class choices and volunteer job codes and make your decisions before beginning your registration process.

  • Delivery Method: The only Delivery Method available is “Will Call”. You will not require picture ID when checking in at the FAMI event.
  • Order of registration types: The order of the registration types (e.g. Standard, Gluten-Free, etc) may change from the Initial Event Screen, to the Shopping Cart, to the Questionnaire.
    • If you purchase more than one registration type on your order, please read the headings for each registrant on the Questionnaire to ensure you are filling in the information for the correct type. The questions for each registrant are preceded with a heading similar to ‘For attendee #1 – Standard Registration’
    • If you make a donation along with your registration, the questionnaire will include an entry with the heading “For Attendee #n – Donation”. You only need to fill in the First and Last Name fields for this section.
  • Questionnaire: The identification of required fields is via a small grey asterisk at the front of the field and the text ‘{Required}’ at the end of the field name.
    • If you click the ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the Questionnaire page before all required fields have been filled in you will be taken to a Notice at the top of the Questionnaire. BPT does not specifically highlight which required fields are unanswered. Please review the fields with the ‘required’ indicators.
  • Questionnaire: Use your mouse or the tab key to navigate from field to field. Avoid using the ‘Enter’ key while filling in the Questionnaire as it will activate the ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the page.
    • If necessary, arrow keys can be used to select choices for radio buttons or pick lists and the space bar will toggle check boxes.
    • Note: If you are accidentally advanced to the payment screen before going through all questions due to hitting the Enter key, you can click the Edit button to go back to the Questionnaire, however, you will have to re-enter your information.
  • Questionnaire: Each radio button or pick list field automatically has a ‘No Answer’ choice. It is not acceptable for a required field to leave this choice as ‘No Answer’. Think of it as ‘no answer given yet’.
  • Dietary Information: The Questionnaire will include radio button choices for: No dietary restrictions, Vegetarian, Gluten-free or Other. If you choose ‘Other’, please use the provided text box in the next question to outline specific dietary restrictions. If you choose Vegetarian or Gluten-free and also have additional dietary restrictions, please list those in the text field. Note: Wintermission may only have the ‘No dietary restrictions’ and ‘Vegetarian’ options.
  • Your Cart / Attendee Details screen: BPT requires the fields in the Attendee Details section to be filled in including the two check boxes. However, FAMI will be using the name and email information from the Questionnaire to officially identify attendees, for name tags and communications.
  • Time limit: You will have 15 minutes, from the point you add registrations to the shopping cart, to complete your registrations and payment. Move through the Questionnaire carefully. There is no need to rush; 15 minutes should be plenty of time if you have already gathered all the relevant information ahead of time. The time remaining will show in the top right corner while you are on the BPT pages; it is not shown once you are taken to PayPal.
    • Once you add registrations to your cart and the timer starts, those registrations are held until you proceed through payment.

FAMI Bursary Applicants

FAMI Bursaries are available for some FAMI events. Bursary Applicants must complete an online registration via BPT in addition to other application requirements. Please see the Bursary information page for more information.


Questions may be directed to the FAMI Registrar by email.