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Mandolin (L1-2)

Instructor: Rick Moore
Class Full
Level: 1-2

Whether you are new to mandolin or have been playing for a while, this Level 1-2 course will set the stage for your mandolin journey. Therefore, the course will cover a fair bit of ground including:

• Orienting to the mandolin- checking set ups, straps, holding position, picks, tuning

• Developing a relaxed wrist for picking

• Working on rounded fret hand fingers for noting

• Developing smooth coordination between hands and excellent tone

• Learning basic major and minor chords

• Reading tab and notation to initially learn a melody

• Constructing and playing major and minor scales

• Pentatonic scales and their use in improvisation.

• Understanding harmony and playing double stops

• Learning how mandolin fits in a band setting

• Learning jamming etiquette

Each student will be at a slightly different stage on their mandolin development. But, the instructor will work these concepts at both the Level 1 and 2 levels.


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Rick Moore
Instructor Bio

Rick Moore believes in the power of music and is committed to helping others bring the joy of music to their lives. An educator for thirty years, Rick studied classical guitar and received mandolin instruction from many of the finest players in North America. He can be heard playing mandolin, guitar and singing with the Highpoint Bluegrass Band and Burnt Timber Swing, both fine groups out of Central Alberta. Rick is currently studying to receive certification as a Clinical Musician. The love of family and the out of doors call strongly, but there’s always a mando or guitar not far away!