Amplifier Policy

FAMI’s policy for a number of years has been to not allow the use of amplifiers, including bass amps, at camp. Lately, we have found that a number of musicians are using acoustic (rather than upright) bass guitars. In a performance setting on our main stage, it is clear that these acoustic basses do not have sufficient volume to be heard above the other instruments found at FAMI camp. We believe that bass is an important addition to a musical performance and to learning to play in an ensemble, and we want to encourage the participation of bass players.

Hence the FAMI Board has decided to permit the use of a bass amp on the main stage subject to the following:

  • The bass amp is only to be used with acoustic bass guitars (including the uke bass) – no electric basses or other instruments requiring amplification please
  • Bass players must use the amplifier provided by FAMI – do not bring your own amp
  • Amps are not allowed in jam sessions, except at the location of the Acoustic Guitar store.