About Us

The Foothills Acoustic Music Institute is a registered non-profit organization established in 1997 to promote and encourage the learning and playing of acoustic music. FAMI’s mandate is to provide a learning environment for a community of musically oriented people. Our goal is to appeal to a wide variety of skill levels and instrument types. Musical styles include folk, swing, blues, celtic, bluegrass, country, old timey, roots and traditional. As an acoustic music organization, FAMI does not allow instrument amplifiers at our camps (see Amplifier Policy). FAMI’s offerings are aimed at youth and adults ages 12 and up.

Each year FAMI hosts instructional camps in May and August as well as a jam camp at the end of September or early October. The camps are geared to beginning to intermediate players while also providing more advanced players an opportunity to play in a group environment, facilitate jam sessions and share their talents with others through mini workshops.

Each instructional camp is designed to provide five key elements:

  1. Instrument-specific classes for the “core” acoustic instruments.
  2. Ensemble classes for specific genres allowing musical collaboration with a variety of instrumentation.
  3. Workshops (by instructors or volunteers) that provide “sampler” length instruction on a wide variety of topics and instruments.
  4. Facilitated and non-facilitated jams, ranging in skill level from beginner to advanced, to gain experience playing with others and just to have fun.
  5. A friendly and supportive atmosphere in which to relax, learn and enjoy.

FAMI also occasionally offers one-day workshops for various musical endeavours.

FAMI is run by a volunteer Board of Directors who are assisted by a large group of dedicated volunteers and instructors who help make sure our camps run smoothly.

FAMI is committed to remaining an acoustic music experience. Familiarize yourself with our newly revised Amplifier Policy.

Board of Directors

Below are the members of the dedicated volunteer Board of Directors along with their position on the Board.

Audrey Oppenlander ~ President

Mike Crampton ~ Vice President

Peter May ~ Treasurer

Charity Elder ~ Secretary / Co-Registrar

Laura Wytrykush ~ Co-Registrar

Dave Bradt ~ Member at Large

Murray Fitch ~ Member at Large

Gabe Jozsa ~ Member at Large

Murray Little ~ Member at Large

Karen Mills ~ Member at Large

Dianne Quinton ~ Member at Large

Tony Stonehouse ~ Member at Large